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LiraCreative Digital Signage offers an easy way to create and showcase your screen across your devices.
We'll design your screens, add your content and you’re ready to go!




Best Deal
We Do All The Work!

Setup fees includes:
Our setup fees includes an HDMI TV hardware player, configuration, setup and contents. We will create your menu and offers. Device shipping included.

Monthly fees includes:
Our monthly fees includes minor menu items update or price changes (2 items), 3 new screens ($225 value free) per year and special pricing for additional screens ($35 per screen, regular pricing $75).
The plan will pay for itself.



Economic Deal
You Do All The Work!

Setup fees includes:
Our setup fees includes an HDMI TV hardware player, configuration and setup. You will create your menu and offers. Device shipping included. We will provide you an account username and password to configure your menu.

No monthly fees.
You will login to your account to do necessary changes.

Why Monthly Fee?

In the past many retailers opted to have a disonnected system to save money. These systems were hard to update, often displying the same content to customers. On the long run, the system costed the retailer more money and time to update / maitain it.
Or failed and they just abandoned it.

Today, successful retailers are more inclined to have a cloud connected system that offers flexibility in updaing content and prices, push new offers and deals to customers. This will help increase sales. Save time and money.

Your monthly fees also includes menu setup, design, minor changes, special pricing and 3 free screens per year. Basically, your plan will pay for itself.


Custom Design for Additional $225.  $350

LiraCreative - Digital Menu Template


Modern Technologies

LiraCreative’s digital menu boards enable restaurants of any size to create and manage high impact digital menu boards.

Unique design & content.
Images & videos can be provided by clients.
Images & videos manipulations at additional cost.
• Additional stock images available. 

LiraCreative - Digital Menu Template


Unlimited Menu Zones

Professional display any combination of offers, deals and menu items in a clear and organized way.

4 Reasons to Use Digital Menu Boards by LiraCreative

Earn more money: Increase your profit by spotlighting your highest-margin items.

Reduce wait time: Reduce perceived wait time with clear menu lists.

Save Money: Eliminate print costs by switching to digital menu boards.

Ultimate Flexibility: Pre-schedule the menu to automatically change from menus, offers, specials and coupons.

LiraCreative - Screens

Comprehensive Digital Menu Board Design

Questions and Answers

We offer a wide variety of general food and beverage images in our food image library. There is no additional charge to include them.

Yes, as long as the file is high resolution. Our sales representative will inform you of the acceptable file formats.

Shipping generally takes approximately 4 business days to arrive. The design process takes between 2 and 3 business days. The entire turn around time is usually about 6 to 8 business days.

80 items would be far too much for 1 menu screen. If you use 1 TV, you will need minimum 6 menus rotating in intervals (each menu allowing about 10 items) using a 42 inch TV. It is NOT recommended to have more than two menus rotating per screen, with the exception of images, specials and other info or events.

Everything is completed in 3 easy steps.
1. Choose your plan and send us your menus in a word document.
2. Once completed, reviews and updates are done by us until you approve the menus screen.
3. Once approved, we load the media players and ship them directly to your door.

Yes, you can use any TV or Android tablet.

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